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InfinityEDU Educational Consulting & Solutions

"Our vision is rooted in providing resources, evidenced-based practices, and modeling and coaching to effect the work of school improvement and student achievement through teachers and leaders…"

School improvement
is at the core of our work. We are here to support the plethora of domains that impact the same. We meet schools at the point of their needs through services that create efficacy in the areas of Leadership Coaching, Instructional Coaching, Culture and Climate Improvement Strategies, Student Engagement and other areas that are critical to the success of schools and school districts. Our team will work with you to identify needs and customize support to improve and effectively impact the same. InfinityEDU associates utilize evidenced-based practices to develop operational and instructional practices that will positively elevate and increase leader development, teacher efficacy and student achievement. Our seasoned team works with individuals, cohorts or systemic whole-school teams to improve the work of teaching and learning. InfinityEDU is ready to be an integral part of your team.

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