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Founder/CEO - Eldrick H. Horton, Ed.D.
Educator, Leadership Coach, Instructional Coach, Turn-Around Principal, Principal Mentor, Professional Learning Facilitator


Dr. Eldrick Horton is a retired educator/principal with 35 years of experience in the field of education. He has credentials in Educational Psychology and Measurement, Educational Leadership, Special Education and Clinical Psychology. When Dr. Horton began his journey in educational leadership, he was faced with the reality of understanding that the culture of schools manifests through the empowerment of others. The empowerment alone has little efficacy. Accountability and empowerment creates the optimal opportunity for student achievement. Thus, he coined as his leadership anthem...”Accountability is messy work, but in the end, it keeps you clean...”

Dr. Horton has served in many capacities as a public school educator. During this time span, he has worked as a Teacher, Instructional Technology Specialist, Assistant Principal, Principal and District Leadership Coach. Dr. Horton has committed his services to developing urban schools and embracing achievement opportunities for the students through empowering the greater school community. During his tenure, he was noted as a "Turnaround Principal" by school districts and the U.S. Department of Education.

Dr. Horton has facilitated many professional development and professional learning community sessions. He has facilitated training for teachers, leadership teams, principals and community stakeholders. He embraces best practices across curriculum spectrums.

Dr. Horton represents the essence of leadership through high expectations and vision. He is an advocate of evidenced-based professional practices, shared governance, and most importantly, ACCOUNTABILITY.

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