Dr. Horton and his associates are available for a plethora of services to support your educational system, local school and your school community. His skills as an orator, presenter and professional learning facilitator will support you in developing, moving and reorganizing your programs for efficacious delivery of services to your school community. The services provided include the following:

  • SWOT Analysis Of School-Based Systems
  • Leadership Coaching
  • New Teacher Development
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Principal Mentoring
  • Developing Leadership Teams
  • Positive and Proactive Student Engagement
  • Instructional & Operational Design Modeling
  • Merging District Level Initiatives With The Local School
  • Teacher-Leader Development
  • New School Development
  • Operational School Leadership Development
  • Instructional School Leadership Development
  • Engaging Systemic Support Systems With The Local School


"Defining The Instructional Framework In The School"

"Critical Elements Of Developing A School’s Culture and Climate"

"Building Authentic Professional Learning Communities"

"Safe And Orderly School Environments - Rituals That Embrace The School’s Culture"

"Developing A Student-Centered Advisement Program"

"Student Accountability Systems That Work!"

"Characteristics Of A Highly Effective Leadership Team - Rituals That Embrace The School’s Culture"

"Assessing Your School’s Culture - An Independent Analysis"

"Developing Teacher Leaders - Rituals That Embrace The School’s Culture"

"Habits Of Effective Leaders - Rituals That Embrace The School’s Culture"

"Removing Walls And Embracing The Greater School Community - Rituals That Embrace The School’s Culture"

"Building Authentic Data-Focused Learning Communities - Beyond the Data Room”

"Creating A Systemic Alignment Of Work - Getting District Subgroups To Embrace The Work Of The Local School"

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