Dr. Horton's Leadership Highlights


  • Served as an Educator at the Elementary, Middle and High School Levels Spanning 35 Years
  • Educational Consultant
  • District Level Leadership Coach
  • Principal Mentor
  • Instructional Coach
  • Significantly Impacted School Culture and Climate for a Positive Learning Environments
  • Increased and Impacted Student Engagement
  • Recipient of Several School Achievement Awards and Commendations
  • Graduated 5000+ Students
  • Facilitated Professional Learning
  • Led the Development of School Culture that Fostered Teacher Efficacy and Student Achievement
  • Noted "Turn-Around Principal" for Two Metropolitan "Difficult to Staff" High Schools
  • Improved Graduation Rate Over 22% (North Clayton High)
  • Increased SAT Scores by 72 Points (Tri-Cities High)
  • Co-Authored a $4 Million Dollar School Improvement Grant
  • Author of Tools/Artifacts/Processes for Best Practices in School Improvement
  • High Achieving and High Growth Student Performance as a Teacher
  • Facilitated Systemic Teacher Development Initiatives
  • Led the Opening/Planning and Construction of Two New Schools while Engaging The Community, District And Local Staff
  • Led the Renovation Project and the Relocation for Atlanta Public School System's Largest School
  • Facilitated Empowerment Opportunities for Parents and the Greater School Community
  • Collaborated Corporate Partnerships to Support Student Achievement
  • Merged Two Historic High Schools (Frederick Douglass High School and Harper Archer High School)

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